tracks, tracking, tracked
1) N-COUNT A track is a narrow road or path.

We set off once more, over a rough mountain track.

2) N-COUNT A track is a piece of ground, often oval-shaped, that is used for races involving athletes, cars, bicycles, horses, or dogs called greyhounds.

The two men turned to watch the horses going round the track.

...the athletics track.

3) N-COUNT: usu pl Railway tracks are the rails that a train travels along.

A woman fell on to the tracks.

4) N-COUNT A track is one of the songs or pieces of music on a CD, record, or tape.

Graeme Naysmith has produced two of the ten tracks on this album.

5) N-PLURAL: oft supp N Tracks are marks left in the ground by the feet of animals or people.

The only evidence of pandas was their tracks in the snow...

McKee suddenly noticed tire tracks on the bank ahead.

6) VERB If you track animals or people, you try to follow them by looking for the signs that they have left behind, for example the marks left by their feet.

[V n] He thought he had better track this wolf and kill it...

[V n] I followed him, tracking him in the snow until finally he got tired.

7) VERB To track someone or something means to follow their movements by means of a special device, such as a satellite or radar.

[V n] Our radar began tracking the jets...

[V n] Forecasters are also tracking hurricane Josephine.

8) VERB If you track someone or something, you investigate them, because you are interested in finding out more about them.

[V n] If it's possible, track the rumour back to its origin...

[V n] The player is being tracked by Juventus.

9) N-COUNT In a school, a track is a group of children of the same age and ability who are taught together. [AM]
(in BRIT, use stream)
10) VERB To track students means to divide them into groups according to their ability. [AM]

[be V-ed] Students are already being tracked. [Also V n]

Derived words:
tracking N-UNCOUNT

Tracking assigns some students to college prep and others to vocational programs.

(in BRIT, use stream)
11) See also , fast track, , sidetrack, , title track
12) PHRASE: V inflects If someone covers their tracks, they hide or destroy evidence of their identity or their actions, because they want to keep them secret.

He covered his tracks, burnt letters and diaries...

The killer may have returned to the scene of the crime to cover his tracks.

13) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that someone has the inside track, you mean that they have an advantage, for example special knowledge about something. [mainly AM or, JOURNALISM]

Denver has the inside track among 10 sites being considered...

As an agent, you may have an inside track when good deals become available.

14) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If you keep track of a situation or a person, you make sure that you have the newest and most accurate information about them all the time.

With eleven thousand employees, it's very difficult to keep track of them all...

It's hard to keep track of time in here.

lose track of
15) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If you lose track of someone or something, you no longer know where they are or what is happening.

You become so deeply absorbed in an activity that you lose track of time...

It's so easy to lose track of who's playing who and when.

keep track of
16) PHRASE: V inflects If you make tracks, you leave the place where you are, especially when you are in a hurry. [INFORMAL]

We'd better make tracks soon, hadn't we?

17) PHRASE: PHR after v, v-link PHR If someone or something is on track, they are acting or progressing in a way that is likely to result in success.

It may take some time to get the British economy back on track...

David put me back on track...

He believes the talks are still on track.

18) PHRASE: PHR n, usu v-link PHR If you are on the track of someone or something, you are trying to find them, or find information about them.

He was on the track of an escaped criminal...

The research institute is on the track of what causes the artery damage.

on the trail of
19) PHRASE: v-link PHR, PHR after v If you are on the right track, you are acting or progressing in a way that is likely to result in success. If you are on the wrong track, you are acting or progressing in a way that is likely to result in failure.

Guests are returning in increasing numbers - a sure sign that we are on the right track...

We need a convincing win to put us back on the right track...

We thought we were on the wrong track when we heard their description of you...

The country was headed on the wrong track, economically.

20) PHRASE: V inflects If someone or something stops you in your tracks, or if you stop dead in your tracks, you suddenly stop moving because you are very surprised, impressed, or frightened.

This magnificent church cannot fail to stop you in your tracks...

They stopped in their tracks and stared at him in amazement...

The thought almost stopped me dead in my tracks.

21) PHRASE: V inflects If someone or something stops a process or activity in its tracks, or if it stops dead in its tracks, they prevent the process or activity from continuing.

Francis felt he would like to stop this conversation in its tracks...

U.S. manufacturers may find the export boom stopping dead in its tracks.

22) off the beaten tracksee beaten
Phrasal Verbs:

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